About Us

Our values can be summed up in one word: Integrity. Our behavior will always match our words. We look for the same values in our clients and the businesses that we invest in. We treat our partners in an open and direct way. Loyalty and long-term thinking are embedded in our ethos, and we are firmly aware that we succeed only when our counter-parties succeed.

Our Team:

Our principals and partners have built their careers working in investment banking, as well as owning and operating businesses in various industry sectors, including oil & gas, technology, real estate, healthcare, and media. Now have more fun along withfree spins no deposit required. We have decades of combined working experience for top tier financial institutions, working in capital markets, investment banking, fixed income, and private wealth management.

Our footprint and outreach are global, having worked in London, New York, Los Angeles, Zurich, Geneva, Stockholm, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Singapore.

With a presence in London, and our deep understanding of the values, cultures, and business practices between the East and West, our experienced and dynamic team is primed to capture and offer unrivaled access and opportunities to our clients.

Our Approach:

Proximity: Being at the right place, at the right time; in order to achieve this, we simply have to be everywhere, at all times. Our deal-pipeline, co-investor network and partners are truly global, and we invest time, sweat, and love into building meaningful relationships in all the right places.

Knowledge & Information: Once the right opportunity presents itself, one will need the right tools, knowledge, and experience to capture the opportunity, and create value in the process. To this end, we pride ourselves on our on-demand network of the talent pool of investment professionals and specialist consultants around the world.


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